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This suburb is named after Mindarie Lake, an Aboriginal name first recorded by Alexander Forrest in 1874. The Aboriginal meaning for the name is possibly "the place near which is held a ceremony". Another meaning has been given as "green water" The suburb was to have been named Clarkson prior to development, but the two names were transposed in 1985.


Mindarie is named after Mindarie Lake, a Noongar Aboriginal name possibly meaning either "the place near which is held a ceremony" or "green water", and was first recorded by Alexander Forrest in 1874. The actual lake is located just off Delich Road in Carabooda, some 16 km away. There is also a Mindarie in the Murray Mallee region of South Australia, which claims origin from a Dieri word meaning "festival to invoke peace".

The Mooro group of Noongar were familiar with the area, and several of their traditional stories and legends refer to local land features, including Waukolup (Waugul) Hill in neighbouring Tamala Park, although evidence suggests that they lived much further east, closer to modern-day Wanneroo Road.


Mindarie remained unpopulated until the 1980s, when a developer proposed the name Clarkson for the area. In 1985, the name Mindarie was chosen and gazetted, and Clarkson was allocated to an area further inland. In the same year, plans for two developments at Mindarie - the marina ("Mindarie Keys"), subject to a Project Agreement with the State Government and the then Shire of Wanneroo, and discussed in a West Australian report the previous July, and a refuse plant to handle landfill waste from Perth, Stirling and Wanneroo councils - were proposed. Neither was without controversy - the Quinns Rocks Environment Group formed in June 1985 by local residents concerned about the proposals In 1988, Tamala Park was gazetted from land formerly part of southern Mindarie, and was set aside for refuse disposal and public open space.

The first stage of Mindarie Keys, including the harbour, marina and hotel, was developed by Smith Corporation between 1988 and 1990. However, cost overruns together with unrealistic estimates of the value of the land, the relative isolation from Perth of the development (at this stage Marmion Avenue had not been built beyond Ocean Reef) and adverse market conditions brought on by the late 1980s recession limited the growth and development of both the facility and surrounding residential area. The popularity of Hillarys Boat Harbour to the south and the marina at Two Rocks for mooring was also underestimated in the planning.

Nonetheless, the residential area did eventually come to fruition - the first residents moved in in 1987, the hotel opened in May 1989 and by 1998, the west and south of the suburb had been fully developed. The area around the marina is characterised by a number of very exclusive-looking residences with private jetties backing onto the water. The inland part of the suburb to the north of Honiara Way and Rochester Drive was proposed in 1998 and approved by Wanneroo City Council in 2002, and has since been developed.

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Peter Moyes Anglican Community School

Brighton Catholic Primary School (Butler)

Irene McCormack Catholic College (Butler)

St Andrews Catholic Primary School (Clarkson)




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