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Kinross is a small suburb in the City of Joondalup located in the northern suburbs of Perth. Kinross was constructed around 1992-3 in various stages. It is bordered by Neerabup National Park, and is the City of Joondalup's most northerly suburb.  Kinross mostly contains young families and overseas migrants, especially from the United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa. Several parks are dotted through the suburb, most of which offer playground facilities.

Kinross is named after a village near Perth in Scotland. The name was chosen because the adjoining suburb of Burns is also a name of Scottish origin. The name was approved for the suburb in 1989.  The Scottish influence in Kinross extends throughout the suburb with road names, parks and others mainly derived from Scottish place names, for example Glencoe Loop, Edinburgh Avenue, Roxburgh Circle, Selkirk Drive, Falkirk Court, Ben Nevis Turn, Coatbridge Circuit and many others.

The schools are in the heart of the suburb located along Kinross Drive and Callander Avenue. Kinross Primary School was opened in 1995, and Kinross College, a "Middle School" serving years 6-10, was opened in 2002.

Kinross has its own football club (Westside Soccer Club) which plays its home matches at the McNaughton Park ground. There is a skate park and community centre next to McNaughton Park.

There are two suburban shopping centres, one located along Kinross Drive which includes a pharmacy, medical centre, convenience store, fast food takeaways, real estate agency, dog groomers, hair dressers. A new shopping centre called Kinross Central on the corner of Connolly Drive and Selkirk Drive has been opened in recent years.

According to the 2006 Census, Kinross had a population of 7,232. 0.3% of the total population are Indigenous Australians (Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders). 46.5% of the population are aged between 25 and 54 years, while 20.4% of the population are between 5 and 14 years. The percentages of these age groups are higher than the respective national percentages of 42.2% and 13.5%. Also, 5.3% of the population are aged above 65, which is significantly less than the Australian population percentage of 13.3%.

42.9% of the population were born overseas, which is significantly more than the Australian population percentage of 22.2%. A large number of people who were born overseas were from England (21.0%). The next most common responses of their country of birth were Scotland, South Africa, New Zealand and Ireland. The most popular language spoken at home other than English was Afrikaans (1.1%). The next most popular spoken languages were Arabic, Persian, Mandarin and Cantonese.

25.9% of the population in Kinross are Anglican and 22.3% are Catholic. These are the most popular religions in the suburb. 24.3% of the people have no religion.

Kinross is located northeast of Marmion Avenue and Burns Beach Road, and the Mitchell Freeway which extends to Burns Beach Road. The southeastern corner of Kinross is also served by the Currambine railway station, whilst other sections are served by one of three Transperth bus routes operated by Veolia Transdev which run between Joondalup Station and Clarkson Station. The 471 service travels along Marmion Avenue, turns into Edinburgh Avenue and onto Kinross Drive, it travels to the most northerly point of Kinross Drive where it terminates. The 473 service duplicates the route that the 474 takes through Kinross, except that the 473 terminates at Duart Pass. The 474 service proceeds along Connolly Drive, turning onto Selkirk Drive and MacNaughton Crescent, onto Geoff Russell Avenue across to Kinross Drive. The 474 (via Marmion Avenue) terminates at Clarkson Train Station.

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St Andrews Catholic Primary School (Clarkson)

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Lake Joondalup Baptist Primary School (Joondalup)

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